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In the 1920s Algiers was referred to as “over da river” or the “Brooklyn of the South,”. The name originates from Algiers’ proximity to New Orleans as compared to New York and Brooklyn, both separated by a river. Algiers Park N Ride concentrates on tours of Algiers Point neighborhood, historic landmarks, former homes of Algiers’ Jazz Musicians, music venues and unique Victorian architecture with its long, rich history of African American, French, Spanish, German, Irish, and Italian/Sicilian designs.


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MindSet Organization

Connecting with people to nurture minds with great thoughts is our driving force because everyone has a purpose.

Mindset Organization (501 c3) has a 14 year history of doing just that; now expanding to New Orleans.

Our Mission

To help youth (8 to 18 years old), their parents, active duty and veterans of the armed forces identify, strengthen and use their inherent abilities, talents and skills to bring positive change to themselves and future generations.


Founded in 2008 inspired by the lives and example set by Louis and Vivian Menendez now torch passed to their son Sterling ‘Silver’ Menendez. Sterling and his team are dedicated to continuing the tradition of his parents-motivating, inspiring and assisting kids and now including their parents and service members.

More about MindSet is available at: www.mymindset.org

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